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Blood Package
This package has some very good bloody textures, perfekt for a very dark, deathly map. enjoy them!
Deeper Package
The Deeper Package is for tunnels and chamber outside the reality. So, use them for what they were thougt and make a cool level.
Hell Package
Peretly design for hell levels could be done with this package. The walls are very detailed, so, use it and you will see what the hell going on!
Package Oracle
Mystical ambience with high technical textures. It would be a shame if you don't have this package for cyber mystical levels.
Package Underground
Underground levels, with a technical ambience and some special texes are in this package. This would add some great stuff for some dark levels.
Package Psycho
What, are you psycho? That could be one question on a level which is using this package. Excellent walls and floors, also some asymethric doors and some more stuff like this only in this package

Package Ice
This is the Ice Package that is used for the IDM Level Frozen Keep. There are a lot of ice and snow textures in it. Grap it and use it, make something like Frozen Keep 2 or something different.


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