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WUMP - 3rd Reich Edition
This is WUMP in his perfect looking 3rd Reich skin. Take a look at him and use it for your MOD or multiplayer game. He want's to kicks the Untermenschen back in her muddy home!
WUMP - Rusty Edition
This is WUMP after a deathmatch in a really wet enviroment. Now, he is rusty, but looks still very good. Use it for what ever you want, create a singleplayer mod or all what you can think about.
DK2 Mistress
This is the mistress from Dungeon Keeper 2. It looks very nice, and could be a good start for a DK-Mod or something like this, but you could also use it for multiplayer deathmatch. Take it, and make so,mething really good.
Uri is another skined player model for the IDM Hybrid. This model looks good, but has a lot of polys. But, use it, if you want to show more power of the HL-Engine!
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