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Here you will find some good Mapmodels for HL. Please when you use it, place a midian-games.com in your credits, thanks.

This is a creepy old oak, perfekt for forrest levels. The oak is lowpoly but don't use a lot of them, because it is very complex. So, use it at your own risk.
Two Models of it are in the package, one as on the pic and one with snow. So, you could decide what you want. This model is one of the best tree models i have ever seen for Half-Life.

There are also two models, one as on the pic and one with snow. So, you could use it for small treelines or as decoration. But it is also good for forests.

Here is a greater package of Swampstuff. There are different Models from trees to plants. Take a look and use it for a great map. It is also bee used by InZane DM, for a great swamp level, so, if you want a swamp level, create it!
There are three potions in this package, from the died mod Mandatory Suicide. The models use the additive rendermode for skins to show the glass perfektly.
This is a swat helm, could be only a mapmodel or an Item. You could use it for all what you want. It looks very nice.
Nightvision Googles
This is a easy model of a NVG. It was used in Mandatory Suicide, but the model wasn't used at the end, so, we take it on this site.
Kevlar Vest
This is a kevlar vest, which could also be an item in a mod. The Vest is a low-poly object, so it also could be a very nice decoration.


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