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This are some of the enemiemodels, which could be used in a mod or sometimes as a model repleacement. Take a look at them and see, what they were thougt of.

Human Assassin
This is a new model for the assassin from Half-Life. The model looks good i thougt, but you could use it also for a modification at your own. The model has the same animations as the assassin in Half-Life.
Big Fish
This is a really big fish, also a model replacement for the Icky. This is one of my favorite models on this page.
Starship Troopers Bug
This is a very high poly bug from the Starship Troopers universe. It is designed for a mod, so, if you want it, use it! It is taken from a died mod in this universe.
Swamp Drone
This model is build on the drones from OpForce, and it was now thougt to be a model in a swamp zone, to bring it down for a scary moment.
Big Spider
This is a really great spider, done to be also an replacement for the Bullsquid. It looks very good and realisic. So, take care of it!
Zombie Nr. I
This is the first of our Zombies, but it is a really good looking one. The zombie has all animations to be a replacement for the zombie in Half-Life.
VALVE Model: Diablo
This creature was given to you by Valve if you downloading the SDK 2.3. But you need the full SDK with more than 100MB. So, not everyone has such a fast internet connection, so we took this great looking model here for your download.
VALVE Model: Heavy Assault
This Model looks nice, but for a Half-Life model by Valve it looks a little Quake1 style, not very detailed, so, take it if you want it, otherwise, let it be!


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